Post submitted by Trevor Chandler, former HRC Associate Regional Field Director

Exciting news out of Oregon today as a State Representative Julie Parrish (R-West Linn/Tualatin), who also serves as Deputy House Republican Leader, came out in support of The Freedom to Marry and Religious Protection Amendment on her Facebook page today. The amendment, if passed, would remove the state's current constitutional ban on same sex marriage and make marriage equality a reality in 2014 in Oregon.

As reported by Willamette Week, Parrish stated:

"My kids are the eighth generation to live in Oregon, and I’m teaching them the values I believe Oregon Republicans have held since the first time someone in my family was elected in Oregon in 1885. Freedom, equality, fairness, prosperity, opportunity, and self-determination. The initiative in 2014 touches on all those values."

This makes Rep. Parrish the highest ranking currently elected Republican to endorse the marriage equality effort. Earlier this week, several other prominent Republicans announced their support for the constitutional amendment including former Oregon Attorney General Dave Frohnmayer and former Secretary of State Norma Paulus. Current GOP State Representatives Vicki Berger (R-Salem) and Jim Thompson (R-Dallas) have also announced their support for the marriage equality campaign.

HRC is a founding member of Oregon United for Marriage. Trevor Chandler is a Senior Regional Field Organizer with HRC, he is on the ground working to build the campaign’s coalition with the team at OUM to secure marriage equality for all Oregonians.

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