churchOn Sunday HRC's religion and faith program staff, Dr. Sharon Groves and Rev. MacArthur Flournoy were privileged to witness a transgender priest make history at the Washington National Cathedral as the first openly transgender Episcopal priest to give a sermon at the Cathedral.

Reverend Dr. Cameron Partridge was a guest speaker at the Cathedral as part of LGBT pride month. He is currently an Episcopal chaplain at Boston University.

During his moving sermon, Rev. Dr. Partridge shared the struggle of transgender people coming fully out in a culture that does not affirm them and spoke to the need of our faith communities to to better. "As we behold one another in these days of celebration may we honor the way we sustain each other," Rev. Dr. Partridge said.

The National Cathedral under the leadership of the Very Rev. Gary Hall has become a prophetic voice on LGBT issues both within the Episcopal church and throughout the larger Christian community.  HRC is proud to partner with them in their public commitments to officiate same-sex weddings, their international justice work on behalf of the LGBT community in Costa Rica and El Salvador, and their work with Christian LGBT youth.

We also applaud Rev. Dr. Partridge for the inspiration and hope his ministry brings to so many in our communities. We have been privileged to work with him as part of our summer institute for theology and religious study and through his work with the LGBT Episcopalian denominational group, Integrity.

HRC’s Religion and Faith Program is working to create a world where nobody is forced to choose between who they are or who they love and what they believe. Thanks in part to this work, more and more faith communities aren’t simply engaging in dialogue around LGBT equality, they’re leading the conversation. Learn more about the Religion and Faith program here.

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