Toni Atkins Elected SpeakerPost submitted by Annie Kehler, HRC Communications Intern 

Recently the California State Assembly made the historically significant decision of electing Toni Atkins as their Speaker. Atkins follows another LGBT trailblazer, John Pérez, who was the first openly gay Speaker of the CA State Assembly.

Since her election to the Assembly, Atkins has been a champion of the LGBT movement. She has worked to pass legislation to make it easier for transgender people to change their birth certificates and to prohibit sexual orientation and gender identity change efforts for youth. She has also co-sponsored bills to eliminate tax-exempt status for companies who discriminate based on sexual orientation and allow transgender students to have equal access to all school facilities and programs, including athletics.

HRC is incredibly proud of the work Speaker-Elect Atkins is doing to advance rights for LGBT Californians. She will assume the post of Speaker at the end of Pérez’s 2014 term.

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