hayden, huffington post, national coming out dayIn a new op-ed in the Huffington Post, HRC’s Director of Strategic Relations Hayden writes how a recent sidewalk confrontation reminded him how quickly hate and fear can leave you feeling powerless, and how loving yourself and sharing your story can help others can do the same.

I know that isolation is the thing that keeps these lies in place and grants them power. I know that telling our stories, breaking that isolation, is the only way to transform that dynamic. … We must tell our stories [not just] to change the minds of strangers who might do us harm, so that one day we'll be safe to walk down our streets, but that we must keep telling our stories, wholly and completely, to those who love us, so that they can hold and support us and sustain us today.

Read Hayden’s powerful reflections on coming out as a trans man and overcoming shame and silence in the full op-ed here. You can find a number of resources from HRC on coming out - including HRC's Transgender Visibility Guide - at hrc.org/comingout.

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