Post submitted by Fred Sainz, former HRC Vice President, Communications & Marketing

Chad Griffin; Ted Olson; Paul Katami; Jeffrey Zarrillo; SCOTUS; Supreme Court of the United States

HRC President Chad Griffin was outside the U.S. Supreme Court today alongside Perry attorney Ted Olson, plaintiffs Paul Katami and Jeffrey Zarrillo, and American Foundation for Equality Rights Executive Director Adam Umhoefer in hopes that today would be the day the court handed down decisions in the two marriage equality cases.

Hollingsworth v. Perry challenges the state constitutional amendment that stripped gay and lesbian Californians of marriage equality. The plaintiff couples of the Prop. 8 case, Kris Perry & Sandy Stier, and Katami & Zarrillo, have won their case twice before – in a federal district court in California and again in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals earlier this year.

Currently, the Supreme Court has several major cases remaining, and just one decision day left on the calendar. However, often at the end of a term the Court will add days to issue decisions.

Stay tuned to for breaking news and analysis on decision day.

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