Rhode Islanders United for Marriage; Snow; Storm NemoPost submitted by David Contreras Turley, former HRC Associate Regional Field Director

It might be freezing outside, but our hearts are warm as neighbors help one another dig out from two feet of snow and deeper snowdrifts left by Nemo.

Here in the Ocean state, we are working with Rhode Islanders United for Marriage doing everything we can to make sure we pass marriage this spring.

With much of the state without power, many without heat and a travel ban still in effect by Governor Chafee, volunteer activities have been briefly postponed which is a rarity for us in campaign life. 

In all my years of campaigning, there are very few instances in which we stop for anything.  Nights, weekends and holidays are often the most opportune times to work with voters and constituents, seeing that’s when most people are free from their jobs and have time to take action.

This weekend is a true exception to that rule. We look forward to re-opening up our offices as soon as possible so we can continue our efforts to urge the state Senate to take action and vote for marriage equality.

Momentum is on our side, following the strong House of Representatives' vote in favor of marriage equality last month. We expect a vote in the state Senate sometime this spring.

HRC is committed to passing marriage equality in Rhode Island, the last state in New England to approve marriage legislation. We are proud to work alongside Marriage Equality Rhode Island and GLAD staff and dozens of volunteers from across this small state with a big heart.

As I shoveled driveways and sidewalks today, I had no idea whether the owners were LGBT or straight.  They were neighbors who needed a helping hand.  I hope that Rhode Island legislators will vote with their hearts and provide needed protections to their gay and lesbian citizens.

Looking out the window from my host housing's home in Providence today, I marveled at the power of Mother Nature. A single snowflake is unique and delicate, but look at the dramatic power those flakes can yield when they stick together.

Here in Rhode Island and across our great country, gay and lesbian couples and the people who love them have banded together to secure marriage equality. We are beautiful, unique, and we have the momentum.  Neither snow, rain, sleet nor hail can stop us from getting marriage equality.

Join us for one of our daily phone banks. To get involved and learn more about what you can do, please email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)<mailto:david.turley@hrc.org> or call him at 202 330 3790.

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