Post submitted by Maureen McCarty, former HRC Deputy Director of Marketing

The discriminatory National Organization for Marriage President Brian Brown quietly travelled back to Russia last week to proliferate his anti-LGBT agenda.
The Illinois-based World Congress of Families, a group in strong support of Russia’s recent anti-LGBT measures, again invited Brown to help organize its annual conference, which will be held in Moscow next year.
In June, World Congress invited Brown to Moscow to lend support to a bill – now law – banning the adoption of Russian children by gay couples, unmarried couples and single people.
Similar to his trip in June, Brown did not publicize his trip until after he returned, casually dropping during a webcast on Thursday that he had “just returned from Russia.”
The National Organization for Marriage remains a small and shadowy group representing a dwindling minority hell-bent on fighting the inevitable rise of equality. And while they’re quickly losing support in America, Brown’s most recent trip is yet another example of NOM’s plans to export its homophobic and transphobic campaigns abroad.


H/T Right Wing Watch

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