Post submitted by Jeremy Hooper, special guest contributor to NOM Exposed. 

The American Family Association's Bryan Fischer is one of the most vicious voices in the anti-gay kingdom.  On multiple occasions, the AFA senior issues analyst has called for gay people to be jailed and forced into rehab.  He's also advocated for a new version of the Underground Railroad that takes kids away from their gay parents.  Bryan's compared gay activists to Nazis so many times that it'd be impossible to keep count.  And oh so much more, and not just limited to LGBT people (just today he called Islam a "contagion" that must be "quarantined").  You can find more here.

Now Bryan Fischer has become the latest proud promoter of NOM's March For Marriage.  Appearing on the Thom Hartmann radio show, Bryan takes ownership of the NOM march as his own before moving on to claiming that gay people can and should "change" and that homosexuality it itself as dangerous as IV drug abuse.  Watch the clip here:

(*March promotion begins around the 2 min mark and then again around the 4 min mark)

This is the mentality that will be marching in the nation's capital on Thursday.  It's the reason why public leaders like Nancy Pelosi have pleaded with people of good faith to avoid this march.  It's not just about marriage—it is about the unbridled and unavoidable chain of animus that stems from telling human beings that they are unfit for both love and country.


*Reminder: The time Bryan insisted we "round up" gay people and "break their habit" (even asking, at the 2:29 mark, "Do you put them to death?" as if it could be a possibility):


Read more of Jeremy Hooper's exclusive NOM coverage on HRC's NOM Exposed. 

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