The News JournalPost submited by Dan Rafter, Former HRC Associate Director of Communications

The News Journal in Delaware is backing the state’s landmark marriage equality legislation in a new editorial. The bill was introduced last week and its supporters include Rep. Melanie George Smith, Gov. Jack Markell and Attorney General Beau Biden.

The editorial calls this moment a “rare opportunity” to underscore just how inherent the values of freedom and dignity are in Delaware:

Once it was just a controversial idea, but today marriage equality is recognized as a vital part of the civil rights we enjoy as a society. Marriage equality would allow same-sex couples to marry, to enjoy the legal protections marriage affords, and to commit themselves to a lasting relationship. If anything, our society should be actively promoting marriage as a stabilizing and productive force in our society. Committed marriages, whether of hetero- or homosexual couples, are the bulwark of a stable community.

Any controversy over this bill reflects the splits in our society. House Bill 75 recognizes those differences.

It does not seek to change minds. Delawareans remain free to think and believe as they wish. It merely asks for equality before the law for all individuals.

Read the full editorial.

If you live in Delaware, you can take action now by emailing your state legislators and telling them to support marriage equality. 

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