Marriage equality; Gay marriage; Same-sex marriagePost submitted by David McCabe, HRC Digital Media Intern

A new poll, out today from the Pew Research Center, shows just how much momentum the movement for marriage equality has gained in recent years. Almost three quarters of Americans – 72% – now believe legal recognition of same-sex marriages is inevitable.

The findings don’t split along political lines, either. Fifty-nine percent of Americans who are opposed to marriage equality still believe that legal recognition will come for same-sex relationships. Eighty-five percent of marriage equality supporters agree.

The data is reflective of the strong momentum the marriage equality has gathered in recent years: in 2004, only 59 percent of Americans overall believed legal same-sex marriage was sure to become a reality. In March, an ABC News/Washington Post poll reported a record high of 58 percent of registered voters nationwide supporting marriage equality.


To learn more about HRC's work to bring marriage equality to same-sex couples across the country, visit the HRC Marriage Center.

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