The Washington PostPost submitted by Paul Guequierre, HRC Deputy Communications Director

Do you have a question on LGBT etiquette?  Perhaps you’re wondering how to come out to your employer.  Maybe you want to know how to deal with your partner’s homophobic parents.  Or you’re a straight ally who wants to know what to do after a lesbian couple is kicked out of a mall for holding hands.  Well you might just find the answers you’re looking for in the Washington Post.

Journalist and author Steven Petrow has a new column in the Washington Post titled, Civilities. Petrow, the author of “Steven Petrow’s Complete Gay & Lesbian Manners,” will address questions about LGBT and straight etiquette in his new column every other Tuesday.  And on alternative Tuesdays join Steven for his chat — about everything that’s on your mind.

Read Petrow’s inaugural column here.

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