New Hampshire at HRC BuildingNew Hampshire (NH) State Democratic Party Chair Raymond Buckley and NH Executive Council member Chris Pappas are in our nation's capital today at the invitation of President Obama to attend the White House LGBT Pride Month reception.  They dropped by HRC headquarters on the way to the White House to say hello. 

Raymond and Chris are two of the Granite State's most influential openly LGBT leaders.  Chairman Buckley worked closely with NH legislative leaders as it debated and then passed marriage equality in 2010.  His leadership and influence extend far beyond state borders.  He is also President of the Association of State Democratic Chairs and Vice Chair of the Democratic National Committee. 

Ray Buckley has worked hard for decades fighting for fairness and equality. In 1986 he founded the NH Citizens Alliance for Gay and Lesbian Rights.  Today, Chairman Buckley is a strong advocate for adding gender identity to the state's non-discrimination law and for electing new LGBT officials.

Chris Pappas was elected as a state Representative in 2002 and in 2012 was elected to the powerful Executive Council.  As one of only five members on this influential and unique statewide council that works closely with the Governor, Pappas represents 260,000 constituents. Chris hails from Manchester and is co-owner of the Puritan Restaurant, a NH landmark and family restaurant opened by his great grandfather in 1917. 

It is always a pleasure to see old and new friends.

Photo:  L to R: Chairman Buckley, Executive Councilor Pappas, HRC's Marty Rouse

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