Post submitted by Adrian Matanza, former HRC Regional Field Director

Moments ago, the Nevada state senate voted 12-9 to approve SJR13, legislation that would begin the multi-year process of placing on the 2016 ballot a question to repeal Nevada's current ban on same-sex marriage and replace it with a law granting marriage equality to all Nevadans. In 2002, Nevada voters overwhelmingly voted to approve the ban (67% to 33%). Recent polling for same-sex marriage in Nevada shows support at 54%.

SJR13 was amended to include specific protections for the rights of clergy, churches and religious organizations that choose not perform or recognize marriages for same-sex couples. With the new amendment, the bill was narrowly approved with all 11 Democrats and one Republican in the Senate voting in favor. The bill now heads to the Assembly where Democrats hold a majority (26 to 15).

This is a crucial first step. The bill must pass now pass the Assembly this year and both chambers of the Legislature will have to pass it again during the 2015 session.  Then, the measure will be placed on the ballot for the November 2016 election, when Nevadans will have the opportunity to cast their ballot to end the exclusion of same-sex couples from marriage.

Find out if your Nevada state senator voted to honor the hundreds of loving committed couples in the state that deserve the chance to marry the person they love.

Click here to send a thank you note to your Nevada State Senator.

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