This post comes from Samantha Pivetz, an Americans for Workplace Opportunity field organizer, on the ground in Nevada.

Culinary Local 226Last night, ENDA supporters and volunteers partnered with Culinary Local 226, representing casino employees for a phone bank in Las Vegas. Together we made phone calls to HRC members and helped about 40 people leave messages for Senator Dean Heller, urging him to support the Employment Non-Discrimination Act.

We’re so thankful to be able to work with Culinary 226, which is the largest local chapter of UNITE HERE, the hospitality workers’ union. With their long history of fighting for worker’s rights, they’re one of our strongest partners in the campaign to pass ENDA. A huge thank you to our friends at Culinary for hosting us at their Union Hall, and another to all the wonderful Culinary volunteers that spent their evening with us  - we had some great laughs in between making over 2500 phone calls.

We had many supportive conversations with our members last night and we can tell that this issue is extremely important to Nevadans. We’re lucky to have inclusive workplace protections in Nevada, but know that LGBT individuals all across America deserve the same rights.

To learn more about the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, visit If you’re a Nevada resident, Happy Nevada Day, and make sure you do your part by calling 866.439.8155 and urging Senator Heller to do the right thing.

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