Post submited by Dan Rafter, Former HRC Associate Director of Communications

These are not good times for NOM. In addition to losing every single battle it’s waged in the last year - from Maine, Minnesota, Washington, Maryland, Delaware, Rhode Island, Illinois and Hawaii, to the U.S. Supreme Court - we also learned earlier this week that NOM is now shouldering a nearly $2 million deficit.

Now, national conservative columnist Jennifer Rubin is calling into question the validity of the anti-gay organization. In her Washington Post blog, Rubin asks:

What exactly does NOM do as voters in state after state decide to expand marriage to gay couples? There aren’t enough states for a constitutional amendment. It’s no longer a matter of judicial activism, but a sea change in public opinion that is propelling the legal shift. How many contests does NOM lose before it — or its donors — figures out the argument is not going to carry the day?

Rather, Rubin argues NOM should fight to promote marriage as a whole:

Campaign for marriage, not against gay marriage. Root out marriage penalties in the tax code. Enlist religious and secular groups to tout marriage and inform people about its physical, psychological and economic benefits. Promote private marriage counseling.

NOM is bleeding money and its track record of losses is only getting longer. Instead of considering any type of rational course-correction, NOM has instead tracked even further to the right – attacking transgender Americans and blasting the bi-partisan passage of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act. NOM’s recent actions increasingly suggest the organization’s true mission actually has nothing to do with marriage, and everything to do with demonizing LGBT people however possible.

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