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Today the NAACP Houston Branch issued a letter to Mayor Annise Parker outlining its support for Hoston’s Equal Rights Ordinance.

In the letter, Executive Director Yolanda Smith explained the organizations support for the ordianance, which aims to protect public and private workers from anti-LGBT discrimination.

Smith writes:

"Acts of discrimination denies citizens their basic civil and human rights.  To that end, Houston, one of the most diverse cities in our nation, must embrace diversity in all its forms, as it is our greatest strength and asset.  The NAACP Houston Branch supports the City of Houston Equal Rights Ordinance as a fair and balanced approach to ensure that all Houstonians are given the opportunity to attain a higher quality of life free from discrimination and unequal treatment."

If passed, the ordinance, which was introduced by Mayor Annise Parker last month and amended by Councilmember Davis to extend critical protections to transgender people that ensure they will be afforded the respectful, safe access to places of public accommodation to which they and all people are entitled, would protect all Houstonians from discrimination in the workplace, housing, and public accommodations.   

The Houston City Council will consider the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance (HERO) during today’s session. Stay tuned to the HRC blog for more updates. 

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