Welcoming Schools“Suffer the little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven." (Mark 10:14 )

Myrtle Grove Christian School in Wilmington, North Carolina is reportedly preparing to add a “biblical morality policy,” which would allow school officials to deny access, denounce as amoral, and expel LGBT youth, same-sex families, or any student with an LGBT relative.

While the school is within legal rights to implement such a discriminatory policy, it sends a dangerous message to its students: that LGBT individuals are lesser than, and therefore, not worthy of the same dignity all of us deserve.

Myrtle Grove Christian School’s reported policy update creates steep obstacles for families trying to raise healthy children and puts at further risk students who already face a enormous discrimination at school.

Among middle school LGBT students surveyed for HRC’s groundbreaking youth report, 58 percent reported being excluded for being different, 67 percent reported being harassed and 28 percent reported being physically assaulted at school.

Among the religious-identified LGBT youth who attend religious services regularly, 19 percent are out at their congregation and 11 percent are out to their clergy.

Nearly six in ten LGBT youth (57%) say that churches or places of worship in their community are not accepting of LGBT people; a third (35%) say their own church or place of worship is not accepting.

The so-called “Biblical Morality Policy” falsely invokes the Bible as a roadmap of intolerance meant to instill terror and shame.

The central claim of this policy, "that homosexuality is forbidden by God," is biblical mistaken and reflects a disturbing tendency among those hostile to LGBT families to impose an unreflective cultural bias into the reading of the Bible.

In truth, Jesus said nothing about homosexuality and the readings of the few passages that are used to shame LGBT people have been called into disrepute by leading theologians everywhere.

While nothing is said in the Bible about LGBT relationships, plenty is said about the importance of caring for young people and loving our neighbors.  Sadly, Myrtle Grove's "Biblical Morality Policy" actually harms our youth and alienates our neighbors.  

Myrtle Grove Principal J. Stacey Miller needs to stop misusing the Bible to hurt families.  Our faith asks us to do much better.

HRC works to engage all faith traditions into a dialogue on questions of fairness and equality for LGBT Americans. Visit the HRC Religion and Faith Program resource page now.  For more on or resources to help reduce bullying in schools, see Welcoming Schools.

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