Tippi McCullough with Chad Griffin Post submitted by Paul Guequierre, HRC Deputy Communications Director

There’s good news for Tippi McCullough, the Little Rock high school teacher who was threatened with termination from her job at Mount St. Mary’s Academy minutes after she married her partner of 14 years, Barb Mariani.  Tippi called yesterday to tell her friends here at HRC that she got a new job working at the historic Little Rock Central High School.

Last month, Tippi and Barb traveled to New Mexico to tie the knot.  When the phone rang just minutes after the ceremony, Tippi answered expecting to hear someone tell her congratulations.  She couldn’t have been more wrong.  It was Mount St. Mary’s telling her she was fired. 

HRC jumped to action, launching a petition and gathering over 50,000 signatures from all 50 states including thousands from Arkansas telling Mount St. Mary’s principal Diane Wolfe and president Karen Flake to stop discriminating against LGBT teachers.  HRC President Chad Griffin, an Arkansas native, traveled home to Little Rock, holding a press conference with Tippi, Barb, and current and former students of Mount St. Mary’s and delivered the 50,000 petition signatures to the school.

What the administration and Mount St. Mary’s did to Tippi was wrong and we will hold them accountable.  We stand with Tippi.  And today we congratulate her on her new job.     

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