Post submitted by Maureen McCarty, former HRC Deputy Director of Marketing

Yesterday the Mormon Church offered their stamp of approval to the Boy Scouts of America’s proposed resolution to lift the ban on openly gay scouts.

While HRC last week called out the resolution for its continued discrimination against openly gay Scout leaders, the support from the Church of Latter Day Saints marks a big moment for a religion that previous stood adamantly against LGBT equality.

“This is a clear move in the right direction and we applaud the change the LDS church for taking this important step," said HRC Religion and Faith Director Sharon Groves. "There are many LGBT youth within the Mormon faith who today feel a little more supported by the Church."

"As the largest sponsor of Scout troops in the nation, the LDS church has the power to transform the lives of young men everywhere," said Groves. "We ask that they follow the example of their forebearers and exercise true leadership."

HRC is calling on Boy Scouts to open the proud tradition of scouting to not just gay scouts, but leaders and staff as well. 

Representatives from the more than 300 local Boy Scout councils will soon vote on the ban on gay scouts and leaders. Send a letter to your local council now.

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