James Servino & SisterThis post comes from James Servino, HRC's Online Advocacy Manager:

This is me and my sister delivering more than 60,000 letters signed by supporters just like you! Thanks for taking a stand against discrimination.

We’ve been able to send a message that we don’t support the funding that leaders of the Roman Catholic Church spent last election trying to fight loving same-sex couples from being treated equally.

It all started when my mom heard that the leaders of our Roman Catholic Church had spent $2 million fighting same-sex marriage ballot campaigns in this past election. She wrote a letter to the top Catholic bishop in the U.S., sticking up for people like me. Ya see, my mother is amazing. She's had my back from the second I came out to her – and long before that.

I think it's a message that leaders like Cardinal Dolan desperately need to hear and more than 60,000 HRC supporters like you have signed onto my mom’s letter to Cardinal Dolan.

If you haven’t signed onto her letter, there is still time--If you agree with what she's saying – whether or not you're Catholic – add your name to the letter and pass it along.  We'll be delivering the full list of signers soon - so act quickly!

I hope you'll join my mom and add your name to the letter now. We each have to speak up and make a clear case for equality, whether or not we're Roman Catholic. In the fights ahead, Church leaders could decide to pour even more money into anti-LGBT ballot campaigns if we don't speak out now.

Thanks for taking a stand. 

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