Post submitted by Trevor Chandler, former HRC Associate Regional Field Director

On the heels of the veto of S.B. 1062 in Arizona, municipalities are taking the lead in protecting LGBT Arizonans from discrimination. Just yesterday Tempe joined Phoenix, Tuscon and Flagstaff in passing a nondiscrimination ordinance that prohibits discrimination in employment, housing and accommodations. It passed with a resounding 7-0 vote, showing the momentum following the country's outcry at the Arizona legislature's attempt to write discrimination into the constitution.

Equality Arizona President Rebecca Wininger spoke to that saying:

"The work we are doing to achieve equality for the LBGTQ community in Arizona is building momentum. It is no longer a matter of if, but of when. Together, we took another big step toward our goal today."

Tempe joins a growing movement of cities and towns who aren't waiting for their states to come around on protecting all their citizens. With HRC's breakthrough Municipal Equality Index you can see how your city rates on its inclusiveness or find out how you can make a change where you live.

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