Yesterday, Montgomery Advertiser’s editorial board issued an opinion piece supporting marriage equality in Alabama.

The piece reads, “The tide toward marriage equality in Alabama is rising, as it has in many other states, and it's unlikely to be stopped. Nor should it be. The constitutional argument that the right to marry should be extended to same-sex couples is simply too sound.”

HRC is currently fighting for LGBT equality in Alabama alongside state and local groups and lawmakers as part of Project One America. Project One America is a comprehensive campaign to dramatically expand LGBT equality in the South through permanent campaigns in Alabama, Mississippi and Arkansas.

In a survey done by HRC, LGBT Alabamians listed marriage equality as one of their top priorities. Prior to that, a 2010 Census study by the Williams Institute found that Alabama has one of the highest rates of same-sex couples raising children.

To learn more about the marriage equality landscape in Alabama, click here

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