Post submitted by Karl Bach, Former HRC Senior Regional Field Organizer

Equality Delaware has just announced that State Senator Brian Bushweller will be voting in support of Delaware's marriage equality bill (HB75). This announcement comes only days after the Delaware House of Representatives passed the bill.

I've been working side by side with Equality Delaware volunteers to create an unprecedented statewide advocacy program. Together we've encouraged thousands to call legislators, to send emails and to write letters in support of the freedom to marry for gay and lesbian couples.

In moments like this it is amazing to know that our hard work is paying off and that we are one vote closer to victory. Take a look at part of Senator Bushweller's very thoughtful letter to a voter in his district:

delaware senator brian bushwellerAs you may know, HB 75 passed the House of Representatives on April 23 and will now come to the Senate for consideration. When the roll is called in the Senate, I will be voting yes.

Underlying my decision to vote yes is my belief that the time has come for Delawareans to fully recognize the legitimacy and dignity of the long term, stable, committed and loving relationships of same sex couples as we do of opposite sex couples in the same kind of relationships.  To do otherwise is to engage in unjustified and damaging discrimination that is inconsistent with the values and principles of our democratic society.

Read the full letter and contact your Delaware Senator now by clicking here.

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