Minnesotans United for All FamiliesPost submitted by Leah Solo, Former HRC Chair of the Coalitions Committee for Minnesotans United for All Families

We’ve got the momentum in these final days of the campaign, literally and figuratively! Late last week, we kicked off our Vote No RV tour that will travel around the state to our 30 GOTV action centers to rev up our 10,000-plus volunteers who are working on the ground and spreading the word to all Minnesotans to Vote No.

It was a remarkable scene at the kick-off event at the Hennepin Avenue United Methodist, where over 1,000 people joined 150 clergy for a worship service in opposition to the amendment. After the powerful services, the clergy blessed the RV and we headed off to Winona for our first stop.

It’s inspiring to see fellow Minnesotans from all walks of life so dedicated to the cause of freedom and ensuring that we are treating everyone as we would like to be treated. Traveling around the state, I’m seeing firsthand how powerfully our message is resonating. It’s truly remarkable.

Minnesotans United for All FamiliesJust a few days to go and the momentum continues. On to the next stop!

HRC is a proud supporter of the coalition, Minnesotans United for All Families, working to defeat the amendment banning same-sex marriage in the state.  HRC has set up a special fund – HRC Minnesota Family Freedom PAC – to direct 100 percent of your contribution to defeat the anti-marriage constitutional amendment in Minnesota.

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