There were very mixed messages coming out of Uganda this week. Earlier this month, Uganda’s Constitutional Court struck down the anti-LGBT bill enacted this February. 

As the Ugandan parliament prepared to reintroduce the Anti-Homosexuality Act, President Museveni said that the bill was not a priority. However, the speaker of the Parliament disagreed, and said that re-introduction of the legislation would be “smooth.” 

According to an anonymous source from New Vision, Museveni said, “A country which has no vision punishes a divided house. We need to work together through consensus and use of collective methods.”

Museveni warned members of the National Resistance Movement (NRM) caucus that the climate surrounding LGBT rights is a “delicate situation,” according to The Observer.

He urged MPs to consider the international repercussions of reintroducing the bill. The U.S. and other countries have already expressed their contempt for the AHA and moved forward with sanctions directed at Uganda because of the discriminatory law.  

The Observer reports that Museveni implied that private consensual same-sex conduct should not be criminalized, but it is unclear what that means for the fate of the AHA. For now, a nine-member committee of the NRM caucus has been tasked with further reviewing the AHA. 

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