Post submitted by: James Rector, HRC Arkansas Field Organizer

On Saturday, HRC members and supporters in the Twin Cities joined HRC Arkansas Field Organizer James Rector to help elect pro-equality candidates. Volunteers took to the doors to have conversations and answer questions to help elect Angie Craig to the Second Congressional District. HRC endorsed Craig in December.

Craig grew up in Arkansas and came out to friends and family in the early 1990's. In 2000, she waged a lengthy custody battle in Tennessee courts to keep her adopted son. That landmark case, which she won, helped set precedent for same-sex couples adopting elsewhere in the state. As the former head of global human resources of the Fortune 500 company St. Jude Medical, Craig also worked to advance equality within her company and helped to enlist the business community’s support for marriage equality across Minnesota.

With just hours left until Election Day and early voting in Minnesota already well underway, there’s no time to spare. An hour or two of your time could make a big difference in helping elect pro-equality candidates.

Sign up to help with Craig’s campaign here.

Find Clinton/ Kaine campaign volunteer opportunities near you or sign up today to make calls from home.

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