Minnesota, marriage equality, same-sex marriageLast night, the Minnesota House Ways and Means Committee voted to advance the marriage equality bill.  The bill had previously received committee approval in both the house and senate, but a new fiscal note attached to the bill required additional consideration.  The Senate Finance Committee will hear the additional information today at 9 a.m.

The fiscal note, generated by Minnesota Management and Budget estimated that adoption of the measure would generate nearly $200,000 a year in marriage license fees. 

The full house is expected to debate and vote on the proposal in the coming days before senate action occurs.  Should both chambers pass the legislation, Gov. Mark Dayton – who campaigned and won on marriage equality in 2010 – has indicated that he would fulfill his campaign promise and sign the bill into law.  The legislature is scheduled to adjourn on May 20.

If you live in Minnesota, your legislators still need to hear from you.  Please take two minutes right now to send your elected officials a personalized email message.

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