Hotel Principe di Savoia, which is part of the Sultan of Brunei's Dorchester Collection hotels, was recently shunned by fashion industry leaders during the menswear fashion week in Milan, Italy. The hotel had previously been the most popular place for those traveling to Milan for such shows to stay and socialize.

Anna WintourThe Sultan of Brunei has recently started to implement a series of draconian penal code reforms that could lead to the violent repression of women and LGBT citizens, including potentially executing them as soon as next year.

Prominent leaders in the fashion industry, such as Anna WintourGlamour Editor-in-Chief Cindi LeiveFrançois-Henri Pinault, and the leadership of Yves Saint Laurent fashion house, have spoken out against the Sultan of Brunei. They announced last month that they would not not patronize Dorchester Collection properties in protest against the new laws, and encouraged others to do the same.

In the days leading up to the most recent series of fashion weeks in London, Milan, and Paris, HRC released an open letter to leaders in the fashion industry urging them to avoid the Sultan of Brunei’s hotels during their upcoming travel for menswear and haute couture fashion weeks. Based on reports from the ground, the fashion world agrees that profits from these hotels belong to a regime that could start stoning women and LGBT people, and those profits need to stop.

According to an interview with the New York Times, a London-based, fashion-show regular described the impact of the actions during Milan's fashion week this way: “A fashion island hit by a nuclear bomb.”

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