This post comes from Ric Andrews, an HRC member on Maui working with Hawaii United for Marriage to bring marriage equality to the Aloha State.

hawaii united for marriage organizersLast weekend, I joined hundreds of Maui residents to celebrate Pride. Hawaii United for Marriage made it easy for us to contact our state legislators, urging them to support marriage equality. You may recall, the Governor ordered a special legislative session set to begin on October 28th, to consider a marriage equality bill. If passed, Hawaii would become the fourteenth state in the nation to pass marriage equality.
The marriage equality movement actually began right here in Hawaii in 1993, when the Hawaii Supreme Court issued Baehr v. Lewin. In 1998, Hawaii voters approved a measure that would place the definition of marriage in the hands of the state legislature. Now is the time for the state legislature to legalize marriage equality.
It's important that we contact our state legislators to let them know that passing a marriage equality bill is the right thing to do. The legislature will only be considering the marriage bill during the special session and they need to hear from us.

Thousands of Hawaii residents, along with hundreds of businesses in Hawaii, already support marriage equality and it is time to show some Aloha, twenty years later. 

Please consider volunteering to make same-sex marriage a reality for our state. We can do it.

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