Post submitted by Chad Gifford, former CEO of BankBoston and Chairman of Bank of America, and his wife Anne were early public supporters of marriage equality.

Gifford FamilyWe should be immensely proud that Massachusetts blazed the trail to marriage equality. It's hard to believe all that has happened and all we have learned over these past 10 years. States throughout the land are following our lead and courts everywhere are supporting this basic human right of equality. The President and so many respected leaders are with us and polls throughout the country show an incessantly increasing majority espouse equal marriage. And most importantly, more and more LGBT couples are enjoying the joy and respect that a legal marriage brings to a committed couple. Despite our progress more remains to be accomplished until all men and women have the legal ability to marry the person he or she loves.

This journey has been powerful for our family as we have witnessed first hand the pride and the confidence that comes with equality. In fact we just returned from a week in Europe with our son and his partner. We saw and rejoiced in the love they feel for each other-and which we feel for them as a couple. There are many, many heroes that have led this effort and gotten us to where we are today. The HRC in Massachusetts led the way and if we were able to play a small role in the realization of equality, well that makes us very, very proud.

Thank you to the plaintiffs, GLAD attorneys, and MassEquality's coalition of 17 organizations that helped to make Massachusetts marriage a reality.

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