Post submitted by James Rector, HRC Arkansas Consultant

Eureka Springs, Arkansas had a huge draw this weekend for the hundreds of same-sex couples that were married during the momentous week in May when the marriage ban was briefly lifted in Arkansas. The reception ceremony, "Married to Equality," was part of the summer’s diversity weekend events. HRC Arkansas had a presence at the celebration serving as a sponsor. HRC is working with local organizations to help foster a strong LGBT community in the state.

The reception brought together over twenty local businesses and organizations committed to equality. They donated everything from food to flowers to cake. The event was hosted by Out in Eureka--the local LGBT visitor’s website--at local restaurant Farm to Table Fresh.

Guests of honor included Jennifer Rambo and Kristen Seaton (the first couple to receive their marriage license in the Natural State), Cheryl K. Maples and Jack Wagoner (the attorneys who represented the plaintiffs), and former Carroll County Deputy Clerk Jane Osborn (the courageous person who stepped in to issue the first marriage license in the state). Osborn was presented with an award.

More than 200 people attended which earned the attention of local and national media. Eureka Springs is the first city in Arkansas to officially endorse marriage equality. 

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