Post submitted by Trevor Chandler, former HRC Associate Regional Field Director

After several hours of emotional debate, the Minnesota House of Representatives passed marriage equality by a vote of 75-59.

With the bill fully expected to pass the Senate on Monday and with the Governor’s signature soon after, Minnesota is now officially poised to become the 12th state to pass marriage equality in the U.S. along with the District of Columbia.
The debate started with amendments being offered specifying that the bill would apply to "civil marriages," as would any other marriage bill across the country.
Another amendment offered by Rep. Kelly sought  to abolish all marriage, for both hetero and homosexual couples, and replace them with civil unions. After brief debate the amendment failed with hardly any support on either side of the aisle 111-22.
Leading up to the final vote on the marriage equality bill, representatives shared emotional stories of the love and commitment in their own families as well as their friends and others who have been hoping this day would come for years.
Rep. Rena Moran was particularly poignant, pointing to her experience as an African American person of faith which informed her decision to support marriage equality: "As a descendant of slavery...I cannot deny an individual the dignity of loving who they choose." Following that with "either we are equal or we are not equal. We are the right side of history. There is nothing is stronger than love"
With this historic day, we move forward with making history. It’s not over until Governor Dayton signs the bill and we fully intend to keep up the pressure right up to the very end.

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