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Marriage equality in Minnesota could bring a major boost to the state and local economy, according to a Williams Institute at UCLA analysis released yesterday.

The report found that the state would bring in an estimated $45 million dollars based on patterns from other states with marriage equality on the books.

The U.S. 2010 Cenesus found 10, 207 same-sex couples live in Minnesota. The study approximates that if the state passsed same-sex marriage legislation, about 5,000 of these couples would marry within the first year.

By the numbers:

  • $42 million dollars from the rise in spending on  the state’s wedding and tourism businesses.
  • $3 million dollar rise in total state and local tax revenue, $2 million of which would occur in the first year.
  • 283 new jobs in the state from the boost in travel spending.

The report echoes similar studies of measurable economic benefits for states that enact marriage equality. Just last month the Williams Institute released a similar report stating marriage equality could add $103 million to Illinois’ economy.

HRC is hard at work to bring marriage equality to the state. We’re a proud board member of Minnesotans United, which has built an impressive coalition across party lines and with hundreds of organizations from across the state and country to work together to pass marriage equality in 2013.

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