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Yesterday, the Maltese parliament passed legislation allowing same-sex couples to enter into partnerships and adopt children. Malta will recognize out-of-country same-sex marriages as civil marriages even though same-sex couples cannot actually enter a civil marriage in Malta.

Nearly 1,000 people celebrated the victory for the LGBT community outside of the Maltese parliament.

Malta, a predominantly Roman Catholic country, has debated numerous items of progressive legislation in recent years, including the legalization of divorce only two years ago.

This new law will put same-sex partnerships on the same legal standing as marriages in the country. Additionally, while same-sex couples were previously only allowed to adopt children as individuals, the new law will ensure that both individuals in a same-sex relationship can adopt children.

While the passage of the law faced some resistance by Malta’s Nationalist Party, which had reservations about permitting adoptions by same-sex couples, the law received full support from the Labor Party and Maltese Prime Minister Joseph Muscat.

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