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Tonight opponents of equality blocked LB 485, a critical bill to protect all Nebraskans from employment discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity, despite strong support from the Nebraska legislature.  While unable to gain cloture, a majority of legislators did vote to move forward with the bill, a sign Nebraska, along with the rest of the country, is quickly embracing full legal equality for LGBT Americans.

“Although we did not win today’s battle to secure employment protections for LGBT Nebraskans, we commend the legislators who stood on the side of fairness,” said HRC Legal Director Sarah Warbelow.  “The majority of Nebraska’s lawmakers sent a clear message that the LGBT community should be protected from discrimination under the law.”

"Thousands of Nebraskans have made their voices heard in this debate,” said Chris Chapek, director of Stay Equal Nebraska. “They have called and written their state Senators in unprecedented numbers. The message is clear: the overwhelming majority of Nebraskans support updating our employment non-discrimination laws to protect LGBTQ Nebraskans. A majority of senators agree. This debate is far from over. We will not rest until all Nebraskans enjoy equal protection under the law."

LB 485 was voted out of the Nebraska Judiciary Committee last week.  Opponents of equality did everything they could to stop this critical legislation from becoming law.  Without the passage of this bill, LGBT Nebraskans will continue to lack critical protections in the workplace.

“Although we did not emerge victorious today, the change in tide is evident,” added Warbelow.  “We will continue to fight for full equality under the law in Nebraska and across the country.”

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