Boy With BackpackA survey in Japan reported that 68 percent of LGBT youth in elementary, junior high and high school have experienced bullying in school. Another 32 percent have thought about committing suicide.

The survey was conducted by Inochi Risupekuto Howaito Ribon, a Tokyo-based group specializing in LGBT suicide prevention. The survey also revealed that 53 percent were verbally abused and 49 percent felt ignored or excluded from groups.  Some 20 percent experienced physical bullying and 11 percent suffered sexual abuse.

In a survey done in China last year, 77 percent of students stated that they were a victim of at least one type of school bullying because of their sexual orientation or gender identity.  More than 55 percent of LGBT students in Britain have experienced direct bullying.

In HRC’s report, Growing Up LGBT in America, 21 percent of American students reported bullying as the most important problem facing their lives. 15 percent reported that they had been verbally harassed or abused.

The shared experience of many LGBT youth around the globe proves that bullying is a serious and international issue. Protecting students from bullying remains one of HRC's priorities.

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