Post submitted by David Mccabe, HRC Digital Media Intern

Pride FlagThe start of Pride Week celebrations in Macedonia’s capital city of Skopje were marred by an attack directed at a local LGBT support center on Saturday.

An opening event for Pride – a screening of short films about LGBT people and a discussion of transgender health issues – had been running for thirty minutes when attendees heard the sound of breaking glass and shouted abuse and threats. The group responsible for the harassment consisted of about 30 people, witnesses told GayStarNews.

The LGBT community had already decided not to hold a Pride March this year, since earlier pride events had been met with similar anti-LGBT attacks.

While none of the participants in the film screening were wounded, a policeman was hit by a rock while trying to disperse the mob and was taken to the hospital.

Unlike many of its European counterparts, Macedonia provides no legal protections for LGBT individuals, and the LGBT community there has repeatedly confronted violence and harassment. This spring, LGBT advocates were attacked for carrying pro-equality posters in a peaceful demonstration.

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