Post submitted by Maureen McCarty, former HRC Deputy Director of Marketing

This month, marriage equality will again take center stage when the Supreme Court of the United States rules on the Obergefell v Hodges case.

While we prepare for what could be a monumental decision to bring marriage equality to all 50 states, we must also take the time to reflect on the lightning speed with which the marriage equality landscape has changed in little over a decade. 

In May of 2004, we witnessed celebrated Massachusetts as the first state in the nation to embrace marriage equality. Over the following eight years, nine states followed suit in a slow trickle.

By 2013, Americans were ready to stand firmly on the right side of history. The floodgates opened: Eight states gained marriage equality in 2013 alone, followed by a tidal wave of 19 states in 2014, bolstered by Supreme Court decisions in Windsor and Hollingsworth v Perry.

In March 2015, the nation joined HRC in calling on the U.S. Supreme Court to deliver marriage equality to all 50 states in the union. An unprecedented 207,551 Americans signed onto the People’s Brief,  the largest amicus brief filing in our nation’s history.   

This month, the U.S. Supreme Court has the opportunity to affirm what the nation is calling for: full marriage recognition for loving, committed same-sex couples.

With marriage equality at an all-time high of 60 percent, the time is now. If you believe love cannot wait another minute, join us in voicing your support for marriage equality. 

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