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Carla and Joce cannot both be recognized as legal parents to their own children. As a transgender man, Bryson faces huge obstacles in finding sensitive, inclusive medical care in his home state. Ray chooses to stay in Mississippi despite the continuing passage of anti-LGBT legislation that says, “You are not welcome here.”

For all of the folks featured in the video below, Mississippi may have its challenges, but it’s home, and it’s worth fighting to make it a more inclusive place for LGBT people and their families. In Joce’s words: “Either we have to change or Mississippi has to change, and we decided it’s going to be them.”

Watch LGBT Mississippians share their stories in the video below.

This summer, join Bryson, Carla, Joce, Ray, Kristina and others across the South as we begin the conversations we need to move equality forward. HRC will provide you with all the tools and resources you need; all we ask is that you get the conversation started!

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