Post submited by Dan Rafter, Former HRC Associate Director of Communications

Delaware lawmakers, religious and civil rights leaders gathered in Wilmington earlier today to introduce a landmark civil marriage equality bill that allows loving, committed gay and lesbian couples to marry.

Mirroring national trends, support for marriage equality comes in 54 percent - a strong and decisive majority of Delawareans are on board. 

Equality Delaware has been spearheading the effort to advance the legislation – over the past few months, advocates have engaged families, friends, and neighbors across the state to boost support for freedom and equality.  Rep. Melanie George Smith is the prime sponsor of the bill introduced today.  Other steadfast leaders on marriage are Gov. Jack Markell and Attorney General Beau Biden. And some of Delaware’s biggest unions and businesses – including DuPont have endorsed same-sex marriage.

The bill, expected to be voted on in the legislature in the coming weeks, respects religious freedom. No church or clergy member has to marry anyone they don’t want.

Gov. Markell said today he looks forward to signing the bill once it reaches his desk, making Delaware potentially the 10th state in the nation to embrace marriage equality. It's time.

If you live in Delaware, you can take action now by emailing your state legislators and telling them to support marriage equality. 

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