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Orange is the New Black star and transgender activist Laverne Cox confirmed that she will be hosting a new documentary airing on MTV and Logo. She had already been set as the executive producer of the show, but will be hosting after finding the members of the show on her cross-country speaking tour. 

Trans Teen: The Documentary is the second transgender-focused documentary the actress has produced, the first being FREE CeCe. A fierce advocate for the LGBT movement, Laverne has been named one of Out Magazine’s "Out 100" and one of The Huffington Post’s "Top 50 Trans Icons.”  

Developing realistic and positive portrayals of transgender individuals in the media is a vital component of the fight for LGBT equality. The journey toward living openly and authentically looks different for everyone, and given the levels of violence and discrimination faced by transgender and gender nonconforming people, revealing and expressing one’s gender identity can be a complex and difficult process. Portraying these experiences accurately and openly sends a powerful message about tolerance and equality to our youth. 

For help along your personal journey of living openly and authentically, please check out HRC Foundation's Transgender Visibility Guide. This resource is designed to help individuals and their loved ones through the coming out process in realistic and practical terms, providing guidance to meet the challenges and opportunities that living as authentically as possible can offer to each of us.

Download the Transgender Visibility Guide here.

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