Post submitted by David Contreras Turley, former HRC Associate Regional Field Director

HRC Chile

This past Saturday I had the great pleasure of participating in the march for equality with our US Embassy in Santiago in support of Chile’s fight for LGBT rights. I am honored to be here as their guest to talk about our great work at the Human Rights Campaign and our recent advancement of LGBT civil rights at this historic time in our movement. One of the global policies of the US State Department is to promote human rights around the world, including the rights of LGBT people. In conjunction with Pride month, I am traveling up and down the country meeting with NGO’s, LGBT leaders, and student groups to discuss our recent victories and the successful campaign strategies and techniques we have learned and used that have enabled us to win in the marriage states from New York to Rhode Island.
I have been so impressed by the dedication of our State Department employees and the Foreign Service Officers stationed in Chile. It has been very inspiring to see their prioritization and dedication to LGBT rights in this country and around the world. I am so motivated by the Chilean people I meet and the mutual fight we share in both of our countries and look forward to meeting with more LGBT activist, students and leaders as the week progresses.

HRC Santiago, Chile

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