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Since youngsters started selling lemonade to street car rides in the late 1800s, the lemonade stand has been the go-to way for kids to bring in the dough – dough for a movie ticket, a new video game, and sometimes, towards the struggle for equal rights.

Sam, Ella, Baden, and Evie, who range in ages 9-11, prepared and organized a lemonade stand and bake sale right in their own neighborhood, raising a whopping $160.00 for Human Rights Campaign.
The lemonade stand, which took place in their neighborhood in Upstate New York, was quite the temporary landmark. Between the hand painted yellow HRC equality signs and posters donned with painted rainbows, it never ceased to attract people from all across the neighborhood. One of the posters read, “Where there is love, there is life. Mahatma Ghandi” - an insightful and wise nod to the values that undergird many social justice movements.

In one instance, the kids were even called upon as spokespeople for LGBT progress. When one neighbor inquired, “But doesn't everyone have the right to get married now?”, Sam, age 11, responded, “Yes…kinda. Now it is up to the states and too many states will never vote yes.  So, we still have a lot of work to do.”

Pragmatic? Check. Hopeful? Check. Extra tip? CHECK!

HRC staff was impressed and grateful that even our youngest members and supporters are out in their towns, every day, attempting to spread the message of equality to their friends and neighbors. Lesley Frohling, HRC’s Canvass Operations Manager, summed it up by saying, “To witness such young people willing to speak up for equality is so uplifting and inspiring because I know that they are our future.  Those minds and hearts will eventually become the leaders of our society.  It makes me feel comforted and hopeful.”

Comforted and hopeful, indeed. To Sam, Ella, Baden, Evie, and the rest of the young (and old) folks out there who are attempting to win over the hearts and minds of their peers – thank you! Keep on doing you.

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