Post submitted by Trevor Chandler, former HRC Associate Regional Field Director

With opponents of equality pressing for Senate action on the "License to Discriminate" bill that already passed the state House of Representatives, I'm on the ground in Kansas working with the team from Equality Kansas and the ACLU of Kansas to help connect Kansans with their lawmakers.

There's been an incredible response since the state House passed this terrible legislation that would allow both businesses AND the government to discriminate against LGBT Kansans.  Voters, editorial boards, and major Kansas employers like Sprint have come out against the bill.

Tea Party groups and the Kansas Catholic Conference are pushing for the legislation to be brought back up despite the huge unpopularity of the bill. Prospects for the bill are still uncertain, so it's important for lawmakers to hear from the majority of voters who don't believe discrimination is a Kansas value.  People from across the state are making plans to stand together in opposition to the bill at an Equality Day of Action in Topeka on Tuesday.

At the Day of Action, supporters of equality will be able to meet with their lawmakers become coming together to make their voices heard at a one o'clock rally on the steps of the capitol.

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