Post submitted by Shane Snowdon, former HRC Director, Health & Aging Program

Just ten days are left for Americans—very much including LGBT Americans—to sign up for affordable health insurance via one of the new marketplaces! Most people who look into coverage are amazed by how inexpensive it is and how much it includes—and how easy it is now to enroll.

As you’ve probably heard, the deadline for enrollment is March 31—so be sure to visit this special Out2Enroll website created by and for LGBT people to have all your LGBT-specific questions answered and get connected to your marketplace at

The Out2Enroll website answers all the questions you may be pondering and talks about special considerations for people who have same-sex partners, are HIV+ and/or are transgender. You can also visit this HRC page on the Affordable Care Act for more detailed information

If you’re already covered, please nudge your friends and co-workers to look into these resources and get signed up. We don’t want LGBT Americans to be left behind in this final push for affordable 2014 health coverage! 

LGBT Affordable Care Act Out2Enroll

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