Post submitted by Maureen McCarty, former HRC Deputy Director of Marketing

This Friday, the XXII Olympics Winter Games will kick off in Sochi, Russia amidst a cloud of violence and political double-speak.

Violence toward the LGBT and allied community is on the upswing since the Russian government signed an anti-LGBT “propaganda” law into action. Since June, LGBT Russians have faced assault, fear of prosecution for advocating for equality and now the threat of their children being taken away as the parliament prepares to debate yet another anti-LGBT measure after the Olympics.

Meanwhile, President Putin continues his defense of the vitriolic legislation, falsely claiming that the law does not discrimination against gays and lesbians. Yet, thus far four individuals, have faced charges for violating the so-called” propaganda” law, including a newspaper editor, who ran an interview with an openly gay geography teacher.

Now, as the world turns its eyes toward Sochi, is the time to stand boldly in support of the values we treasure as Americans: freedom, equality and justice.

Stand in solidarity with HRC in support of LGBT equality. Join the #LoveConquersHate campaign today. Find out more at

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