In the past two months, volunteers and staff with the Illinois Unites for Marriage Coalition have had thousands of conversations with Illinoians in priority legislative districts.  Using technology that makes it simple to manage calls even for a novice, between 10 and 50 volunteers work for two to three hour shifts every day placing calls to likely supportive voters and talking to them about Illinois’ marriage equality bill. An individual volunteer typically has conversation with between 10 and 20 people during a the shift. If the person on the other end of the line is willing, the volunteer can automatically connect them with the in-district or Springfield office of their legislator.  At that point, the voter has the opportunity to tell their story to their own legislator about why marriage is important to them, and why they want the legislator to vote YES when the bill is called.
Personal stories really do make a difference.  Just last week, Rep. David Sullivan (R), announced his plan to support the marriage bill in the House.  Since mid-February, Rep. Sullivan received over 500 calls from constituents in his district asking him to support the legislation.  We believe the stories shared by those callers are part of what helped him decide to do the right thing and support marriage equality.  With volunteers phone banking everyday, it simply couldn’t have happened.
HRC is on the ground in Illinois providing the technology for the Illinois Unites for Marriage phone banks and the field staff to manage the effort. If you’d like to get involved, visit for a full list of upcoming dates and times.  

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