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Modern Family actor and HRC supporter Jesse Tyler Ferguson married his longtime boyfriend, Justin Mikita, last month, but that hasn’t stopped his campaign for marriage equality. Tie the Knot, the organization he and Mikita founded, continues to sell bow and neck ties to raise money for various organizations fighting for marriage equality.

Tonight, he’ll be the guest judge on Lifetime’s Project Runway, where contestants will have to use one of the organizations ties as part of their designs. Tim Gunn, who advises contestants on the show, is also a supporter of HRC. Host Heidi Klum sent this tweet out earlier today:

In 2012, proceeds from the sale of Tie the Knot’s collection went to HRC. This year, the collection benefited the Respect for Marriage Coalition, which HRC co-chaired. Ferguson also spoke with his Family co-star Eric Stonestreet at HRC’s 2010 National Dinner. 

During the episode, one of the designer-contestants is so moved by Ferguson's fight for marriage equality that he proposes to his partner of 18 years on the air.

The Project Runway episode featuring Ferguson will air tonight, at 9:00 p.m. ET.

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