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This week, Italian mayor Gianluca Buonnano called kissing between same-sex couples “morally harmful” and plans to propose an ordinance banning it from his municipality.

The mayor of Borgosesia told the Italian newspaper La Repubblica that a same-sex couple kissing in public is a “question of respect” and that it is “morally harmful for children,” according to a translation from Huffington Post.  

Buonnano’s proposed ordinance could fine same-sex couples up to 500 euros for kissing in Borgosesia.

The Italian mayor has a reputation for strange publicity stunts. Earlier this year, he was expelled from parliament for waving around a sea bass in protest of a bill that called for the decriminalization of undocumented immigration.

Daniele Viotti, a member of European Parliament, called the proposed ordinance a “pathetic publicity stunt by a narrow-minded man who desperately wants to be in the spotlight.” Buonnano allegedly intends to put a photograph of anti-gay Russian President Putin in his office as well.  

Buonnano’s attitudes and sentiments are outliers in the larger LGBT climate in Italy. Despite Italy’s large Catholic presence, several prominent figures have come out in support of LGBT rights. Prime Minister Matteo Renzi and Rome Mayor Iganzio Marino have expressed their support for LGBT rights legislation. Last month, Italy’s parliament announced that it would begin debating same-sex civil unions in September. 


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