Today, the Indiana Senate Rules committee will conduct hearings on HJR-3, the resolution that if passed would ask voters to place a ban on same-sex marriage in the Indiana constitution.  The resolution has already passed the Indiana House of Representatives, where it was stripped of the controversial second sentence that would additionally ban all types of same-sex recognition including domestic partnerships and civil unions.  It is expected that the resolution will pass out of senate committee without any further amendments.
Since the resolution passed in the House in late January, Freedom Indiana has been mobilizing the campaign’s field and lobby teams to spread the word among senators that HJR3 is bad for business and should be voted down completely.  HRC is a proud member of the campaign and has been working with the team since early last year to kill the resolution and keep the amendment off of the ballot.
Testimony will begin today after the 1:30 Senate Session concludes.  The proceedings can be viewed here:

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